The Dog Training Internship Program (Dog T.I.P.) aims to educate committed volunteers at shelters and rescue groups around the nation so that they can learn the necessary skills to humanely and effectively train and mentally stimulate dogs at their shelters.

The training of volunteers and the program itself is comprised of independent yet related “modules.” The goals are:
• To reduce the distress levels of shelter dogs
• To increase their adoptability by teaching them skills that adopters expect of their pet
• To support shelter staff by volunteers as a result of increased knowledge in the areas of        animal learning and humane methodologies of animal training
• To provide volunteers with guidelines to aid them in the adoption counseling process and     placement protocols

Moreover, we believe that when committed volunteers are part of the solution instead of just doing necessary tasks for the shelter, such as cleaning pens or walking dogs, they experience less burn out. Therefore, their commitment and enjoyment as a shelter volunteer increases.

Those of us that have experience working or volunteering at shelters or rescue groups can attest that a strong and motivated group of volunteers is at the core of saving more lives, more successful adoptions and the reachable possibility of making shelters more humane for the dogs in their care.