The testimonials below are from volunteers and staff that attended  our pilot program at Stray Hearts Animals shelter in Taos, NM.

How useful was the information and hands on practice?

-“Very. This process is easier and more fun than our current program.”

-“Extremely useful. Better approach than previous training methods. Allows for more of an impact in less time with less stress on both dog and handler.”


What will you do differently as a result of the training this weekend?

-“Pay more attention to the signs dogs are giving.”

-“Training better with a plan.”

-“More positive, happy dogs, and quick results.”

– “Use a clicker.”


How satisfied were you with the information, exercises, and the program in general?

-“Very very! A lot of information to absorb.”

-“I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know or think of. Very clear steps, easy to follow.”

-“Very satisfied. Excellent info and training.”