Tell me more about the training

dsc01004It’s not all classroom time! For every behavior we teach you to train, we ensure there’s sufficient hands on practice. First, we demonstrate with your dogs (sometimes we get a little carried away, after all, Almudena and I love training dogs!) Each participant then practices and we coach them through it. Coaching people is a major part of our personal businesses as pet dog trainers and something we thrive on.
We work on the basics like sit, down, loose leash walking, and we also practice over and over our streamlined kennel protocol, which we break down into pieces to ensure everyone gets plenty of practice.

  • Your shelter decides which volunteers would benefit from the program.
  • We don’t require a minimum of volunteers but we do cap it at 20 volunteers/staff.
  • While the program is designed to fit the needs of individual institutions, the program is designed to be taught as a whole.
  • After our departure, your trained volunteers will train other volunteers.

On going benefits:

  • Post-program problem solving.
    • Two hours of phone or video consulting is included in the price to help implement the program after we’re gone.
  • On demand webinars.
    • Want to learn more about ethology, trick training, or more advanced training skills after we leave? We are happy to create webinars on specific topics for you.
  • Additional training weekends.
    • If your shelter has completed the Dog TIP training program, we would be happy to return for more specialized training weekends, like our Fearful Dog program, or to teach and implement safe and fun Playgroups.